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Value Added Services

Producing precision zinc castings and plastic molded parts is only the start. The secondary activities and support round out the value added service Fielding Manufacturing provides its partners. We offer secondary operations including machining, kitting and assembling to minimize additional processing required by our customers. Working with certified vendors, we offer plating and painting finishes for performance (ie. corrosion, durability, lubricity, electrical conductivity) and cosmetic applications. Our quality systems ensure maintained precision through every operation, individually tailored to each unique part we produce. With a history in precision mold-making and tooling, we oversee the design and build for all tooling, guaranteeing high precision and best-in-class included wear-and-tear maintenance to keep tools running well over decades. Coupled with our in-house engineering support, we can design & build job-specific gaging, fixturing and tooling, desined to guarantee high end-use functionality with minimal defects modes during manufacturing. As a small company we are flexible to adapt to changing volumes as new programs grow. We design, build and assemble custom automation solutions for secondary operations to lower costs while delivering high quality parts.

Secondary Operations

Secondary Operations

We offer an array of secondary operations to add features and value to our  cast and molded parts. Internal lead-screw tapping, precision machining, labeling, assembling, kitting, packing, ... we do it all so you don't have to!



Fielding Manufacturing was first established as a precision tool and mold-making shop. While we've outsourced the primary tool-making process, we've worked with our suppliers for decades and still oversee the design and build of all tooling. Our in-house machining and maintenance capabilities mean we can optimize precision tools and maintain them properly to run for decades.

Plating and Finishing

Plating / Finishing

We partner with local spec metal platers to add performance plate and paint finishes to our castings when required by the application. Check out our PORTFOLIO for examples of some of the finishes we provide.

Engineering Support

Engineering Support

We are a company led by engineers and managed by technical experts. We enjoy the challenge of using data & facts to solve technical problems. With our experience producing thousands of parts for different industries, let us offer our input and suggestions to improve your process and product.



As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, quality is embedded in everything we do. From pre and post-run tool PMs, in-process inspections, job-specific gaging, functional testing, AQL lot inspections, Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIRs), ... we reliably supply functional, acceptable parts for your operation.



With in-house engineering, design, machining and process experts, we develop & build custom-automated solutions as programs grow to ensure sustained quality while reducing costs. As a small, experienced technical team, we pride ourselves in our flexibility to solve technical problems and tailor solutions to each individual case.

Secondary Operations

Secondary Operations

We aim to produce final net-shape parts when casting or molding, however features such as undercuts, internal threads, etc. may not be easily produced without expensive and complex tooling. We regularly perform secondary operations in-house on molded plastic and cast zinc parts to machine and add critical features. We can also ultrasonically weld plastic parts, assemble mating parts & components, kit parts, stamp, pad print, label, and more. CONTACT US today to see what we can do to simplify your supply chain.

Plating & Finishing

Finishing / Plating

Zinc diecast parts are high performing and robust as-is (unfinished/"RAW") for many applications. About half of the parts we cast are plated, coated, and finished to enhance the final part performance. We offer standard bulk barrel plating options as well as more expensive rack plating, painting and coating options for high cosmetic applications. Standard plating includes:

  • Nickel - Bright, Semi-bright, Black (electrolytic & electroless)

  • Chromate - Clear and Colored (trivalent or hexavalent if specifically requested)

  • Precious metals - Gold & Silver

  • Performance metals - Brass, Copper & Tin

  • Oxide "Antique" Finishes - Pewter, Brass, Copper

  • E-Coat (aka Electrocoating or Electrophoretic Painting) - Clear and Colored (inquire about color availability)

  • Paint & Powdercoats - Custom Colored (inquire about color availability)

  • Engineered Hardcoats

  • Lacquered Clearcoats

  • Teflon and Lubricating Coatings

  • Custom Performance Engineered Coating Systems (inquire w. specifications)



Our ISO 9001 certified systems-driven quality assurance program makes Fielding Manufacturing the safest, most dependable choice for your next project. We minimize risk by tracking and analyzing every step of our manufacturing process to minimize part to part variation, and assure consistent, reliable quality for every part, every time. With over 60 years experience building quality assurance into our process, we deliver quality, functional parts with 98% or better internal acceptance rates and over 99.5% acceptance in final customer applications.

Design for Manufactureability (DFM)

Most defects in manufactured parts are due to non-optimized part and tool design. With our experience, we work at the start of a program to finalize the best design to ensure quality manufactured parts.

Quality Assurance      Plans (QAP's)

Every part Fielding produces is unique. We develop custom QAP's for every part at every unique operation to ensure critical and functional features are produced at every manufacturing step.

Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR)

All new tools and design-modified tooling are sampled to ensure run-ability. A full-dimensional ISIR report with initial tool-proof samples are provided for your verification and assembly during testing & development.

Job-Specific &         Custom Gaging

We invest in attribute gaging for every part and calibrate all gaging in-house to ensure conformance. With our in-house tooling capabilities, we design and build custom functional gaging and testing jigs specific to each part.

PPAP and Other Capability Testing

Not all industries require PPAP submissions and/or other quality capability testing and reporting. However Fielding can support any reporting requirements as required. Ask us today how we can support your next project.

Systematic In-Process Testing

Fielding has built a Quality Assurance culture. We use our job-specific QAP's and gaging to measure parts hourly during production in addition to AQL lot inspections between manufacturing steps.



Fielding Manufacturing partners with best-in-class mold and toolmakers for new tooling. We work with our established suppliers to oversee design to ensure manufacturability, serviceability and longevity. We only design and build hardened, Class A precision tools to best support the lifetime of part production programs. Fielding subjects all new tooling to a detailed check-in process and makes any adjustments necessary before sampling. With our in-house tool shop, we service and maintain all tooling; no unnecessary downtime to send tooling out for costly repairs. All tools are cared for with our tooling preventative maintenance program at no additional cost to you. We can handle all minor repairs, build and fit wearable components (KO pins, cam components, etc.) with precision, at tolerances of +/-0.0001". Fielding Manufacturing offers top class, precision tooling at the best one-time price to our customers. With in-house service capabilities and industry-leading tool maintenance for the life of the program, Fielding offers the best value in tooling to support part production.


Engineering Support

Fielding Manufacturing is run by two engineers; Steve & Alex Fielding. Data-driven problem solving, approaching problems from engineering principles, technical evaluations; these are how the Fielding Team addresses issues and drives success. We provide engineering consulting services and complimentary engineering support for key programs. We have seen thousands of applications in different industries which gives us a unique perspective to share best practices and propose suggestions to help improve your product/process, even outside the parts we directly supply. We are truly motivated by solving technical problems and improving design & execution.

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Most programs start with lower volumes. As product is marketed and becomes established, the part demand grows. With our in-house engineering, machining & fabrication abilities, as well as technical expertise in operations & execution, we can design, build and implement automated equipment, cells and other solutions to minimize labor costs and offer you the best value for high volume part production. We tailor our automated solutions to the specific part volumes and requirements; we also have semi-standard automation cells that we can modify for your application. CONTACT US today to automate your parts production and provide the best value with top notch quality.

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