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About Fielding

Your Single Source for Miniature & Micro Precision Zinc and Plastic Parts

Founded in 1962, we manufacture high precision miniature die cast and injection molded components. Our proprietary four-slide, microprocessor controlled die-casting equipment and state-of-the-art injection molding machines are only the beginning. Fielding provides a full-service solution that begins with design for manufacturability, rapid prototyping, tool design and reliable parts production, and extends through a complete range of secondary operations and finishing.

Fielding Manufacturing has a strong reputation for quality, service and dependability in the manufacture of high precision miniature parts. We offer a wealth of experience in a wide range of industrial markets, including medical, telecommunications, fiber optics, hardware, electronics/electrical, automotive, fasteners/threaded components, appliance, consumer, and more.

At Fielding, quality is personal. And it is integrated throughout our entire process. It not only tells us when we're doing well, it helps us do better. ISO 9001 Certified since 1998, we track and analyze every step of our manufacturing process to minimize part to part variation, and assure consistent, reliable quality. This quality allows us to achieve an on-time delivery rate of 98% or better.

Our Mission: Pride in Flawless Execution, From Start to Finish through Responsible Partnerships


Fielding Values

At Fielding Manufacturing, we are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope on precision miniature & micro parts. We are a data-driven organization with strong systems and a goal for continual improvement. We are also a small team of technically skilled individuals who communicate well and adapt quickly to changing customer demands. Don't get lost in the big company beauracracy. Start with Fielding where we will bring our experience and skillset to solve your problems with top service to support your operations.


Our Decision Making Hierarchy is How We Approach Everything We Do


Safety is always top priority at Fielding. We are committed to providing safe equipment and working environment for our team members and our partners. We are proud to regularly receive the North American Diecasting Association's (NADCA) annual Outstanding and Perfect Safety Awards.


Our ISO quality systems are not just a plaque on our wall; they're part of our culture and embedded into our daily operations. And with less than 2% internal rejects and less than 0.5% customer-reported defects, we deliver on our commitment to produce functional, quality parts.


Making custom parts in a "job-shop" setting can be a scheduling nightmare. But with better than 98% on-time shipments, our team adapts and manages our workload very well. While we aren't a major retailer with 2-day shipping guarantees, we can work with you to support your demand and adapt quickly to sudden fluctuations.


Value is a key principle in the precision parts we produce. We are able to compete with low-cost overseas manufacturers due to our strong quality and operation systems. We adapt as programs change, introducing automation and semi-automated processes where appropriate to provide the best value to our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Everyone on the Fielding Team is always looking for ways to improve our operation. From our own internal corrective action system to our robust 8D corrective actions to customer concerns and improvement area, we not only talk about improving, we do it every day.


 A Legacy of Innovation, A Family Affair

Frank Fielding founded Fielding Manufacturing after returning from the war and learning the toolmaking trade from local experts. In 1962, while raising a young family of 7 children, he opened his own shop first named Elmwood Plastics and later changed to Fielding Manufacturing. The young company excelled at designing and building precision molds for the budding injection molding plastic industry in the Northeast. After a few years, Frank purchased a few injection molding presses and supplemented the moldmaking business with parts production.

Throughout the years, all of Frank's children would work in the business, bringing different skillsets and adding their own expertise into the company culture. In 1986, Frank's son Steven Fielding returned to RI to start a new venture; precision zinc diecasting. Steven, a degreed Mechanical Engineer, had worked in the machining and production of nuclear weapons for the United States. He used this experience with cutting edge technologies along with Frank's expertise for precision machining and tooling, to design and build custom 4-slide, microprocesser-controlled, hot chamber miniature zinc diecast machines. Within one year the team had built the first machine and tooled up the first part. Fielding was in the precision zinc diecast part business.

In the mid-90's, recognizing the value of its systems and corporate knowledge, Fielding codified its operations and quality systems to become ISO 9001 certified. Unfortunately during that time, economic situations had strained the in-house tool and mold-making operations, and Steven, now President of the company, made the difficult decision to transition that business to an out-sourced model and only focus on precision part production in-house. It turned out to be a good decision; today Fielding partners with domestic and international mold and toolmakers to build its tooling (due to the higher precision required, all diecast tooling is produced by best-in-class toolmakers domestically). The end result for our customers - low cost tooling with high quality, precision, top-notch lifetime maintenance, and production by a company with a history and respect for Class A tooling.

Moving to the next generation, Steven's oldest son Alex Fielding joined the company full time in 2015. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and experience working for a large international engineered materials company, Alex further codified Fielding's systems, introducing Lean and 5S principles to its operations and developing higher-tech value added capabilities and automation. After 60+ years in business, now spanning 3 generations, Fielding Manufacturing continues to innovate and adapt its culture for precision and technical success to the problems of the 21st century. With Steven still running the company and Alex driving technical improvements and operational growth, Frank can pursue his dream job as donut delivery man!

Meet the Team

Our Team Today

The Fielding Team is a group of motivated, dedicated achievers driven by success and continual improvement. We are technically skilled with over 100 years collective experience in precision parts manufacturing and tooling. We work from one 25,000 sq. ft. facility located in Cranston, RI. Our location and longevity places us with an established vendor base of precision platers, toolmakers, OEM equipment suppliers, and more located in the Northeast and throughout the United States. CONTACT US today to see how our technical expertise can make your next project a success!

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Are you a continual learner with technical skills and a drive to solve problems? This is the Team for you! We are looking for:

  • Diecast Technicians

  • Machinists & Toolmakers

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